ESU Men’s Soccer vs. Chestnut Hill

SM180904 00048

The ESU Warrior’s Men’s Soccer Team faced Chestnut Hill University on Tuesday night. Eddie Enowbi had his game face on before the start.

SM180904 00157

Knowbi scored the first goal early in the contest.

SM180904 00196

Brandon Levano scored another goal not long afterward to take the Warriors up two goals.

SM180904 00350

The Warriors kept the Chestnut Hill defense and goalie busy much of the evening. The Warriors won the game 6-2.

SM180904 00392

SM180904 00548

SM180904 00644


East Stroudsburg South vs. Pocono Mountain West

in  on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

A Saturday afternoon matchup featured East Stroudsburg South at Pocono Mountain West. The first half was a close one. Each team was making successful offensive plays.

in  on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

East Stroudsburg South’s Nyree Ford-Cherry tripped up Kaleb Monaco to prevent a touchdown and the half ended with a one possession difference (21-14) in the score.

in  on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

East Stroudsburg South came out to play in the 3rd quarter and started manufacturing some impressive drives. They took control of the game.

in  on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Pocono Mountain West did not give up. They kept playing hard. In the photo above, Adrian Salas-Viruet kept running after losing his helmet on an offensive play for positive yardage.

in  on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

The final score was South 49 – West 21.

PV Bears vs. Allen High School Football

Benjamin Henwood catches a pass early in the game against Allen in Allentown on Friday, August 31, 2018.

The Pleasant Valley Bears traveled to Allentown for a matchup against Allen High School on a cloudy and damp Friday night. The lights shone on the field, the bands were playing, and the atmosphere was definitely Friday Night Football!

Nasai Moon breaks free from an Allen defender in Allentown on Friday, August 31, 2018.

Allen started early and scored a touchdown. The Bears kept fighting and running the ball against the Canaries’ defense.

Christopher Tartamella gains yards against Allen in Allentown on Friday, August 31, 2018.

Some mistakes and penalties took their toll, but the Bears kept fighting and running.

Nasai Moon looks for an opening against Allen in Allentown on Friday, August 31, 2018.

The score at halftime was 13-7 in favor of the Canaries.

Christopher Tartamella runs up the middle against Allen in Allentown on Friday, August 31, 2018.

Allen received the second-half kickoff because of their deferment at the coin toss before the game began. They marched down the field on the opening series of the second-half and, with the help of a pass interference penalty, scored a touchdown again.

Ahmad Wyatt runs the ball down the 1-yard line in the first half against Allen in Allentown on Friday, August 31, 2018.

The Bears did not give up and with time winding down, scored another touchdown at the end of the game. The final was: Bears 14, Canaries 33.

ESU Women’s Soccer vs. West Chester

WS180830 00277

Opening day for women’s soccer was a hot, no, very hot day. The Warriors took the field at 4:00pm against the Rams as the sun beat down.

WS180830 00415

Both teams played to a stalemate in the first half.

WS180830 00129

The teams took the field again after a much needed break for halftime. Then it was game on!

WS180830 00539

The Rams scored the first goal, but the Warriors responded not long afterward with a goal of their own!

WS180830 00908

The game went back and forth; up and down the field.

WS180830 01127

Both teams put the ball on goal.

WS180830 00542

But the ball just would not go in.

WS180830 01404

The final was a 1-1 tie.

Friday Night Football is Back!

in East Stroudsburg on Friday, August 24, 2018.

High School teams all across the country are taking the field under the lights to compete in football competition. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of Friday night football!

I was on the sidelines this past Friday night to cover two local games. You can see more of the photos from these games here:

in Stroudsburg on Friday, August 24, 2018.

ESU Finishes Elite Eight in Style

The journey is over but it was an incredible run! ESU Men’s Basketball Team just completed a season to remember and one that most teams would trade for in a minute. It wasn’t how they wanted it to end, but they fought extremely hard and made the other team  sweat. Congratulations for an incredible basketball season! Go Warriors!

BKBM180320 00033 BKBM180320 01556 BKBM180320 01482 BKBM180320 01412 BKBM180320 01388 BKBM180320 01357 BKBM180320 01318 BKBM180320 01226 BKBM180320 01224 BKBM180320 01217 BKBM180320 01216 BKBM180320 01148 BKBM180320 01114 BKBM180320 01054 BKBM180320 01046 BKBM180320 01028 BKBM180320 01025 BKBM180320 01016 BKBM180320 00991 BKBM180320 00971 BKBM180320 00958 BKBM180320 00917 BKBM180320 00799 BKBM180320 00783 BKBM180320 00776 BKBM180320 00747 BKBM180320 00707 BKBM180320 00623 BKBM180320 00600 BKBM180320 00513 BKBM180320 00467 BKBM180320 00375 BKBM180320 00367 BKBM180320 00348 BKBM180320 00336 BKBM180320 00311 BKBM180320 00309

ESU Men’s Basketball Atlantic Region Champs!

ESU defeated Shippensburg in the Atlantic Region Championship and are headed to the Elite Eight! In a tight game, ESU led by three at the half. It was nip and tuck most of the way with many lead changes. ESU surged at the end to secure the championship by a 12 point margin. Way to go Warriors! These photos show some of the action and celebration of the team’s championship victory.

BKBM180313 B2345 BKBM180313 B1775 BKBM180313 B2006 BKBM180313 B2546 BKBM180313 B1841 BKBM180313 B2735 BKBM180313 B2799BKBM180313 B1663 BKBM180313 B2202 BKBM180313 B2263 BKBM180313 B2692 BKBM180313 B2212 BKBM180313 B2591 BKBM180313 B2892 BKBM180313 B2873A BKBM180313 B2821 BKBM180313 B2936 BKBM180313 B2954 BKBM180313 B2982 BKBM180313 B3043 BKBM180313 B3069 BKBM180313 B3073 BKBM180313 B3127 BKBM180313 B3156