Coming Soon: A New Photography Magazine called Wild Photo Tips Magazine!

Coming Soon:

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I am in the finishing stages of designing and creating a new photography magazine. The title is Wild Photo Tips Magazine and it will feature tried and true techniques for photographers of all levels from beginner to expert! The new magazine will feature mostly wildlife photography but occasionally delve into other branches of photography like sports, portraits, and even drama!

This idea for a photo magazine was birthed from the success of my book: How I Photograph the Pennsylvania Elk. This photo book project was more successful than I first imagined and it led me to this new project. By the way, my photo book is still available for sale here: The idea for a photo magazine came quite naturally for me, after all, I have a journalism degree from Temple University with a focus on Magazines!

The new photo magazine will be published two times a year to start and will include articles in the following categories: basic photo tips, advanced techniques, my favorite photo destinations, on location, wildlife tip of the month, camera and software tips, wild photo tips, a photo critique, and much more! The magazine will be sold for $7.95 at the Elk Country Visitor Center on Winslow Hill, PA. There will also be an online version available for $3.95 per issue. The first online premier issue will be available for free to give you an idea of the great ideas and tips featured in this magazine.

Keep checking my photo website at to see when the premier issue will be available. Check it out and share it with your photography friends. There will be something for every level of photographer out there!

My Photography Book

I wrote a photo book with the title, “How I Photograph the Pennsylvania Elk.”

This was actually a labor of love because I have a real passion for the elk of Pennsylvania. I’ve been spending time each year with these amazing mammals every year since 1990. And after all these years I still cannot get enough of them! Their habits and tendencies are both somewhat predictable and sometimes surprising. I enjoy spending time with the elk of PA in all four seasons. The backdrops of all these seasons are incredibly photogenic, but then the majestic animals have their own camera appeal, too!

In my book, I share how I photograph the Pennsylvania elk. I make it clear in the beginning that I do not  believe my way is the only way or even the best way; it is what works for me. I show photographs along the way to illustrate both what I am sharing on the printed pages and also to show the majesty of the beautiful animals. I do describe basic photography equipment considerations and techniques, so this book is helpful to anyone who is either starting out in photography or wants to delve deeper into the wonderful world of wildlife photography.

You can see the first 7 pages here. My book is also available for sale at the Elk Country Visitor Center in Benezette, PA.


Writing My Own Book was Great Fun!

I earned a journalism degree from Temple University and enjoy writing. Recently I was motivated to self-publish my very own book. It actually was a thought in the back of my head for a number of years. I had some concrete ideas on what I wanted to write about and even pursued the idea seriously about three years ago. A lot has changed in three short years! Just a few months ago I listened to a podcast that introduced me to

The podcast was an interview with Dave Black and he shared his process of how he self-published a photo book entitled, “The Way I See It.” Well, I was motivated enough to check out the website and it didn’t take me long to view the information online and decided that I was sold on this idea! makes the process very easy. So, I downloaded the software and began to write my own book.

It was an invigorating process and I enjoyed every step of the way. As I said, much of what I wanted to write was already somewhere in the my head, so I just had to discipline myself to sit down and get the words out. Of course, I made sure to include photographs of the PA elk in the book, too!

The book actually describes tips and techniques that are applicable to any wildlife photographer. You can see a more detailed description of the book and preview it here.

Check Out My New Book!

I just published my first book! The title is “How I Photograph the Pennsylvania Elk.”

The book shares my approach to photographing the elk of Pennsylvania and includes tips on locating the elk, techniques on how get quality photos of the elk, as well as some tips on what to wear when photographing the elk. There is a brief history of the PA elk, too. I’ve been hiking the elk range in Pennsylvania for over twenty years now and I enjoy each and every outing. There is no place like the mountains and my book shares how I locate the elk and photograph them.

I got the idea of self-publishing a book from photographer, Dave Black. I listened to a podcast where he was interviewed and he talked about how he used Blurb to self-publish his book, “The Way I See It.” You can find out more about this by going to Dave Black’s article here.

In addition to sharing some practical tips and suggestions, I also share some personal stories from my experiences photographing the elk.

You can view a description of the book and see a preview of seven pages in the book here.