How Do You Store Batteries?

Many of us photographers like using rechargeable batteries. I remembering doing a post here on my blog a while ago where I bragged about the 15-Minute AA Energizer Charger. It works great and I highly recommend it. But I have a problem. I have the Nikon MB-D10 Vertical Grip which stores 8 AA batteries and the Nikon SB-900 Speedlight which holds 4 AA batteries. So to have enough backup batteries I need a total of 24 batteries. That’s a lot of batteries!

Now 12 of these batteries, half of the total number, are housed in each accessory. But that still means I need to store 12 charged batteries for when the ones in use get low.

What is the best way to store batteries until they are ready to use? Just put a rubber band around sets of four? Put them in your pocket until it’s time to make the switch? Make your assistant hold them since they need to earn their money anyhow?

How do you store your batteries?