Traffic on Winslow Hill

I was in complete disbelief this past Saturday at just how many vehicles were on the road on Winslow Hill viewing the elk. Granted, I have not been there on a weekend for quite some time since I do prefer weekdays to weekends when viewing the elk. But the sheer number of cars, trucks, and motorcycles was absolutely amazing and mind-boggling to me!

At one point, as we were watching two nice bulls recovering from a fight, there was a line of vehicles almost as far as I could see slowly coming up the road. There was some cooperation among drivers as most vehicles pulled completely off the road to allow traffic to pass by, but it was slow going to be sure. Many passersby were shooting cameras through windows as they stopped briefly to snap a photo.

A few others were completely selfish and rude as they simply parked their car in the middle of their lane of travel, seemingly not caring about anyone else but themselves. This inconsiderate behavior is frowned upon by both locals and tourists alike. It needlessly ties up traffic and creates a bottleneck. The one place this happened had a parking lot not even 100 feet down the road. Trespassing and other acts of disrespect need to be pointed out before these unethical behaviors become habit.