Faces in Sports Photography

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

Sometimes in sports photography it is difficult to capture the players’ faces, especially if they are wearing a helmet. Faces show emotions and passion. Last Friday night, Pleasant Valley showcased their Cubs Football Players and Cheerleaders.

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

They were introduced onto the field prior to kickoff, as parents, families, and fans cheered and supported them. It was much easier to capture some of these incredible faces!

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

Following the introductions of the PV Cubs, it was time for the National Anthem and the High School Alma Mater. It was during this last song that I captured this photo of a game-ready face before he strapped on his helmet for the game.

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

Faces show a lot and we should try our best to capture the athletes’ faces in sports photography!

Borre Runs Wild!

FB150925 935

Austyn Borre had a big night for Pleasant Valley as they faced off with William Allen. Both teams entered the game looking for their first win of the season. PV’s schedule was incredibly tough in those first three games and the team played well at times but not enough to secure a victory.

Tonight was different. Borre had three big pass receptions and ran wild all over the field. He even had a blocked punt that he recovered for another touchdown! At times he ran down the open field but there were other times when he gained tough yardage.

FB150925 413

PV and Austyn Borre were about to have a big night. It was a just a matter of time. I believe Borre is going to have another big night very soon!

FB150925 939

Sometimes a Photo just Behooves a Specific Caption!

FB150911 0333


I never quite know how photographing a football game is going to go exactly. Will I capture the winning play? Will my photos portray accurately the way the game played out?

Well, tonight I captured a photograph that told me exactly what the caption should be for this photo: “Brendan Kearns (7) and BJ Olaniyan (40) stack up the defense against Bethlehem Catholic in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 11, 2015.”

Defense is a team effort and this photo depicts two defenders making a combined tackle on an offensive player. Many times a defensive team needs to stack up together against an offense. And every once in a while, two defenders can stack up together on an opponent, as they did here!

Bears Continue Their Win Streak

FB 2014-10-17 833

The PV Bears won another game, this time at home against East Stroudsburg North. It was a thrilling game that wasn’t completely decided until close to the end of regulation. PV struck first on a touchdown pass to Danny Hunter.

at  in Brodheadsville on Friday, October 17, 2014.


It was Senior Night at Pleasant Valley and before kickoff the Senior football players and cheerleaders were announced. They were accompanied by parents as they were introduced to the crowd.

at  in Brodheadsville on Friday, October 17, 2014.

Quarterback, Brandon Kuehner, had a big night and threw for two TDs. He connected with Tanner Parascando who made a circus catch as you can see in these next three photos.

FB 2014-10-17 1069

FB 2014-10-17 1070

FB 2014-10-17 1071

It was a very memorable night for the 2014 PV Senior Football Players!

at  in Brodheadsville on Friday, October 17, 2014.





Pleasant Valley Rolls Over William Allen

FB 2014-09-19 0037

Pleasant Valley was looking for their first win of the season. Once they won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff, it didn’t take long. Brandon Kuehner (14) dropped back to pass on the first offensive play of the game and threw to Kevin Cruz, who turned the completion into a touchdown! PV never looked back.

They scored and they scored often–on offense and special teams. It was a victory on many levels.

Two of my photographs of the game and a photo gallery are featured in the Saturday edition of The Pocono Record.

I also posted a photo gallery of last night’s game here.

FB 2014-09-19 0176


PV Puts Up a Valiant Effort but Comes Up Just a Little Short

FB 2014-09-06 040What was predicted to be a completely lopsided game ended up being a fantastic football game for Pleasant Valley on Saturday night. If Bethlehem Catholic was an unbeatable and untouchable team, PV did not get that memo. In fact, they made a strong statement of their own by putting such a successful game on the field this week.

Bethlehem Catholic scored first, but PV responded immediately with a well-designed and well-executed flea flicker. Then PV caught fire with their passing game. Bethlehem Catholic was shocked and entered the locker room at halftime down 35-21 only because they scored a touchdown with seconds to go in the first half.

A lightning storm rolled in and the delay resulted in a 2-hour halftime! Play resumed just after 10pm. The Golden Hawks came out running the ball and moving down the field consistently, but PV would not go away. They responded yet again in the second half.

In the end, PV came up 2 points and a few inches short from scoring a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. It was a disappointing loss after such a successful first half. However, this should be a character builder and shows that PV can compete with the best teams this year!

The full gallery of photos from the game can be found here.

FB 2014-09-06 034


Friday Night Football

FB 2014-08-29 712

Friday night football is back! I had the privilege to photograph the Friday night football atmosphere at Pleasant Valley High School as they hosted Easton last night for the opening game of the season. The excitement and enthusiasm of pre-game on Friday nights is hard to beat!

PV played a hard-fought battle against Easton and showed some definite signs of promise for this season. Yes, they have a new quarterback and a new head coach, but they will be okay.

The above photo ran in today’s Pocono Record. You can see the full gallery of my photos from Friday night’s game here.

Photo of the Month for May

SB 2014-05-23 0368

At the beginning of each month I enjoy going back over the photos from the previous month. My goal is to pick the best photograph or moment captured with my camera to display as “The Photo of the Month.” Sometimes the competition is stiff. Other times, one photograph stands out easily above the rest.

The grand slam in baseball is one of the most exciting moments of them all! Down 4-1, Madison Shaneberger came to the plate with the bases loaded. You can read what happened here: http://www.perfectgamephotos.com/Photo%20of%20the%20Month.htm

PV Lady Bears Win PIAA District 11 Semi-Final!

SB 2014-05-28 0682

The Pleasant Valley Softball Team was victorious in the rain-delayed PIAA District 11 Semi-Final against Bangor at Patriot Park on Wednesday night! They now advance to the Championship Game tomorrow night against Parkland. (You can view more photos of this game here.)

SB 2014-05-28 0568

Yesterday’s game resumed with two outs in the bottom of the first inning with a PV runner on first base. Bangor got out of the inning but trailed the game 4-0 going into the top of the second inning.

SB 2014-05-28 0655

Bangor did fight back by putting three runs on the board, but PV responded with four more runs to seal the deal and advance to the Championship Game. They broke a school record by earning their 20th game win of the season. They face Parkland tomorrow for the District Title at Patriot Park in Allentown.

SB 2014-05-28 0243




Pleasant Valley Advances in PIAA District 11 Softball Playoffs

SB 2014-05-23 0368


The Pleasant Valley Bears Softball Team continued their destiny this season sparked by a dramatic grand slam by Madison Shaneberger in the bottom of the sixth inning. PV was trailing Freedom 4-1 going into their half of the sixth inning but they did not give up nor would they be denied. Shaneberger connected on the second pitch of her at-bat and drove the ball deep and over the fence in left-center field where the PV football team was cheering for the Lady Bears.

Both of these photographs were published in today’s Pocono Record and accompanied a story about the exciting game written by Joe Miegoc.

Crystal Morales slides across home plate for the first run in the game…

SB 2014-05-23 0184