Promoting the Passion

This week I needed to put together an advertisement to promote my passion for photography. This is what I came up with.

Our daughter, Lydia, is rehearsing for the high school musical, “Oklahoma,” which will open in the middle of March. I purchased a full-page ad in their musical program, which will be given to the audience members who come to watch the musical. I figure it is just one additional way to promote my photo passion and perhaps help to pay a few of the bills. After all, I did just buy a new piece of equipment! (More on that later in an upcoming blog post)

So, how to promote my passion. I always figure that the photos do speak for themselves, so I decided to start with some photos. My training in communications at Temple University taught me that less is more, so a simple, clean design was also imperative. Of course, with any promotion or the Five Channels marketing tool I also needed to include the pertinent information of how my photo passion can maybe help someone else out.

So, after an hour of thinking, creating, and designing, this is what I came up with for the ad. How do you promote your passion?



Tonight I had the opportunity and privilege to attend the Pleasant Valley Baseball banquet. My task was to provide the necessary connections and equipment for the photo slide show. This was something I have done plenty of times in the past, but it sure was an  honor to do this one!

Connections are important. The computer needs to communicate with the projector to be able to provide sizeable images for the whole audience to view. The proper cords and tight connections are necessary for this to be accomplished successfully.

Human connections are also needed in photography. Meeting people is a pure joy whether it be for a wedding, a sporting activity, or a portrait session. The interactions we have with others is truly a gift. These connections should not be taken lightly. Just as proper communication channels and tight connections are necessary for computers, the same is necessary for human connections.

Who are you connecting to these days? Are you keeping the lines of communication open? Do other people know the special gifts and unique perspectives you bring to photography? Are  you cultivating people connections?

Connections are important!


Most of us know the value of sharing presentations with others. PowerPoint presentations have been used for a number of years now to share information or a project. Information kiosks, laptops, and projection screens all share presentations in creative ways. Photographers can utilize this technology by sharing their photographs with others.

Today I had the opportunity to share my photographs with the students at PVI who were celebrating at their Cast Party. They recently performed The Music Man, Jr. and I photographed all three performances. I used a laptop to share the photographs, but I also had a display to show framed prints and a photo memory book. This display utilizes track lights to highlight the photographs and attract attention. The display of the photos always attracts people to see my work.

Presenting our photos can happen in a variety of ways. Can you think of some creative presentations to share your photographs?