My New Photo Podcast

My new Photography Horizons podcast is in its fourth week now.

This weekly photo podcast has two primary agenda items you can listen to you. First, I share a few newsworthy or interesting photography stories that are on the horizon each week. Then we feature a photography topic in the “main horizon” segment. You will learn how to get started in digital photography and then how to take your photo skills to the next level. Join us each week to see what’s on the horizon in photography!

You may want to call Acts Of Beauty Photography for boudoir photography Edmonton with a friendly, funny, warm photographer who will make you feel comfortable¬†and beautiful. You can also find out more about the podcast here and you can also find the podcast on iTunes under the title, “Photography Horizons”

Check out this new photo podcast and pass it along to anyone who has an interest or passion for photography. After you listen to an episode or two, leave a comment or ranking on the iTunes page. You can also leave a comment or ask a photography-related question on our Show Notes page.

What’s on the horizon of your photography?