Worldwide Photo Walk a Huge Success in East Stroudsburg!

We had a great time on the Photo Walk in East Stroudsburg on Saturday evening!

Yes, it was hot and very humid, but being in the company of fellow photographers left us enjoying the experience rather than the hot weather. It was a great time to take some neat photos, be creative, and discuss photography with each other. I learned a little more about spot metering and really enjoyed being with others who have a passion for photography. It is so cool to hear and see what others are doing. We walked the same route but we did not see the exact same things!

You can view some of our photographs on Flickr.

I knew that spot metering was helpful when a subject is against a light or dark background. But on the Photo Walk I also learned that it can come in very handy as the sun is going down, too. A lot of detail gets washed away because of the contrasting light. Spot metering on the subject, in my case a statue, was just the ticket to retain the detail I was looking for in my subject.

We also discussed doing another photo walk this fall in Jim Thorpe. You can email me for more information about this additional photo walk.

I hope you enjoy seeing the photos from our Photo Walk and I hope you can join us next time!