Elk County Visitor Center Looks Great!

This past weekend my son and I were up on the elk range. We were thrilled to see lots of elk and some nice bulls. We also had the chance to make our first visit to the newly opened Elk County Visitor Center. I was not quite sure what to expect. I mean I heard all the reports touting how great the center was going be, but I guess I can be somewhat cynical at times. I am also a Doubting Thomas as well. Rather believing all the hype, I say the proof is in the pudding.

So I drove up the driveway of the Elk Center without many high expectations. When we arrived I liked the appearance of the new building but still took a kind of wait-and-see approach to my impression. Well, let me tell you, the Visitor Center if very nice and it looks great! The architects and those who had the vision for this building did many things right. The building is attractive and creative at the same time. It appears that the intention is to share and teach information about the Pennsylvania elk herd and they are already achieving this goal in a big way.

The displays in the main room are interactive and informative. Volunteers were present to answer questions and talk about the elk herd, proper viewing etiquette, and questions about the center. The theater presentation was creative and informative and fun to watch. Over all, the new center impressed me even though I entered the building with a non-impressive attitude. I really liked what I saw and experienced in the Elk County Visitor Center.

I hope you get a chance to see it, too. And when you do I’d love to hear your impressions on the new center.

Here are a couple photos I captured on my trip.


My son, James, thoroughly enjoys and has a passion for macro photography. He’s got a good eye and likes to get close and the closer the better.

I dabbled in macro photography over the years but my son taught me to look at things in a new way. Now when I am on a photo shoot I wonder how James is seeing things. What might we photograph in this location? When we go to a photo shoot together I get to see him in action and observe how his photo-mind works.

This past winter I was leading our PA Elk Photography Experience when we came across three horses running and playing the snowy pasture. They put on an impressive display for us with snow falling from the sky and flying off the horses’ hooves. It was an action-packed shoot that we encountered unexpectedly. In the midst of this opportunity we took some close-ups of the horses’ eyes. Here is one that I captured.