My New Photo Podcast

My new Photography Horizons podcast is in its fourth week now.

This weekly photo podcast has two primary agenda items you can listen to you. First, I share a few newsworthy or interesting photography stories that are on the horizon each week. Then we feature a photography topic in the “main horizon” segment. You will learn how to get started in digital photography and then how to take your photo skills to the next level. Join us each week to see what’s on the horizon in photography!

You may want to call Acts Of Beauty Photography for boudoir photography Edmonton with a friendly, funny, warm photographer who will make you feel comfortable¬†and beautiful. You can also find out more about the podcast here and you can also find the podcast on iTunes under the title, “Photography Horizons”

Check out this new photo podcast and pass it along to anyone who has an interest or passion for photography. After you listen to an episode or two, leave a comment or ranking on the iTunes page. You can also leave a comment or ask a photography-related question on our Show Notes page.

What’s on the horizon of your photography?

Photography Horizons Podcast – Episode #3 and a word about camouflage

The third episode of the Photography Horizons Podcast is now posted. You can listen to it here.

In this podcast I mention the value of camouflage for photographers. That’s right, I believe that camo is not only for hunters but can help us photographers, too. I do not believe it is absolutely necessary to wear camo for wildlife photography, but I do believe it can be helpful in some situations.

Here are two photographs to show visually how camouflage can and does work. Compare these two photographs and see what you think.



New Photography Podcast Being Launched!

If you follow this blog even a little bit, then you know that I have a strong passion for all things photography. There is nothing better than being out on a photo shoot, but I also enjoy editing the photographs, creating slide shows, making prints, posting galleries to my website, and just about anything that keeps me involved with the wonderful world of photography!

I had the idea about two years to create my own photography podcast. I waited, however, for several reasons. First, I wanted to examine the lay of the land, so to speak, and see what others were producing in terms of photo podcasts. I found some podcasts that just rocked and were very good. I also found some that had a great start but fizzled out fairly quickly. There are many podcasts that I enjoyed and I kept taking mental notes on things I might want to do when I created my own photo podcast.

Several weeks ago Martin Bailey made a connection with me. I’ve been listening to his podcast, the Martin Bailey Podcast, for the past several years and Martin does an excellent job with his podcast. He sent me an invite to join Google+, the new social medium that many of us photographers are just raving about! I appreciated Martin’s kind, and generous act and started some conversations with him. He is always willing to listen, lend some suggestions and advice, and is always very encouraging! So, this past week I picked Martin’s brain about starting up a photography podcast. I cannot thank Martin enough for the help and encouragement he offered me!

So I am excited to announce the startup of a new weekly photography podcast entitled, the “Photography Horizons Podcast.”

I share the meaning behind this podcast title in my preview, which you can hear on the Show Notes page. The conception of this idea is basically that photographers enjoy shooting horizons. This might be to capture a sunrise or a sunset, or it might be to create a silhouette. Watching the horizon is important for photographers in terms of capturing good photographs, but we also benefit from being aware what is on the horizon in the photography world, too. Knowing about cameras, lenses, and other equipment on the photography horizon can be tremendously helpful, but it all starts with knowing what is on the horizon!

Each week I will follow a very basic outline. First, “On the Horizon this Week” will discuss news and announcements in the wonderful world of photography. Then, I will share a “Working Horizon.” This might be a tried and true technique to help create a better photograph or it might be a new skill or idea that will help us accomplish our photographic dreams.

My hope is that I will be able to share what’s on the horizon in photography and help the listener stay motivated and be better equipped to advance in the craft.

You can find more information about this new podcast, including a list of upcoming episode titles, on the Show Notes page.

What’s next on the horizon of your photography?