Great Photography Resource

If you are a wildlife photographer then you no-doubt heard of Moose Peterson. He is a well-known wildlife photographer who lives in the Sierras of California. His website is chock-full of photo tips and lots of useful information. You can check out Moose’s website here:

Moose also wrote a book on wildlife photography entitled, “Captured.” I highly recommend the book because I keep going back and rereading it many times over. It really is really, really good!

But in addition to his website and his book, Moose also publishes a quarterly publication entitled the “BT Journal.” I found the current issue, “Yosemite’s Winter Wonderland” extremely valuable and useful because Moose goes into detail on how to stay warm on cold weather shoots. The amount of detail and the helpful and practical suggestions are typical of Moose. If you don’t already subscribe to this photo resource, give it a try. I find it not only helpful but incredibly entertaining, too!