Michigan Moves on to Boston!

This weekend I had the privilege of photographing the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Regional in Allentown, PA. It all came down to Sunday’s final between Michigan and Quinnipiac. And what a game it was! Michigan drew first blood and scored an early goal.

IH220327 6-32-47 PMB

IH220327 6-32-53 PMA

The Blue kept the pressure on the entire first period and scored a second goal.

IH220327 6-34-32 PM

The second period was more of the same — Michigan pressure and two more scores.

IH220327 7-31-16 PM

IH220327 7-55-09 PM

IH220327 7-55-10 PME

The third and final period was a different story. Quinnipiac did not quit and came back with a frenzy of activity and pressure scoring three goals!

IH220327 8-18-07 PM

IH220327 8-19-54 PMI

IH220327 8-29-04 PMD

IH220327 8-29-04 PMK

IH220327 8-29-04 PMM

In an incredible act of confidence and courage, Quinnipiac pulled their goalie to keep the pressure going!

IH220327 8-52-28 PM

But Michigan stood tall and countered the pressure, scoring an empty-net goal.

IH220327 8-49-26 PMD

But the excitement and scoring was not over yet!

IH220327 8-40-44 PME

IH220327 8-40-37 PMB

Michigan capped off an incredibly exciting victory 7-4 and moves on to the Frozen Four in Boston!

IH220327 8-54-04 PME

IH220327 8-57-57 PMC

IH220327 9-02-50 PM

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