New Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience Announced

Ready for an unforgettable photo experience? Join us for a photo trip to photograph the Pennsylvania elk! We just announced the upcoming fall trip: October 1-4, 2018. For more details and to sign up go to:

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New Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience Just Listed

PEPE#7 2541

We just announced a new Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience, which will be held on October 2-5, 2017. This guided photo trip will take you to the amazing Pennsylvania Elk for a photographic experience you will not soon forget!

PEPE#7 1774

Along the way, you will be around some neat and interesting people who, like you, share a passion for wildlife and outdoor photography. We present three different photography seminars, including how to set up your camera and photograph the PA Elk, and an in-depth look at how to use Adobe Lightroom for your photography. The final seminar is about wildlife photography ethics, the PA Elk Herd, and we also have you share your best five shots from the trip so we can learn from each other!

PEPE#7 1020

You will have the opportunity to be out on six photo shoots to photograph the majestic elk during the fall rut when their activity is at an all-time high. The photographic possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

PEPE#7 2528

We only have 1 more opening available for 2017 but we will be doing this again next year. Click here for more information.


Pennsylvania Elk Slideshow

Over the past four years I have co-lead the Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience with my good friend and colleague, Dick McCreight. We both have a passion for wildlife photography and especially for the elk of Pennsylvania. I have 21 years of experience with these majestic mammals so we can fairly easily and somewhat predictably guide photographers to the elk. We routinely are able to capture amazing and sometimes breath-taking photographs!

I decided to share some of my photos of these trips on my website. So I created a photography slideshow highlighting photographs captured over the past four years of the Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience. In this photo presentation you will see many photos of these amazing elk and you will also see a few photos of the photographers as they are making photographs of the elk with their camera.

Dick and I both have a passion for photographing the elk, but we enjoy teaching others how to be better wildlife photographers even more. When one of the photographers on our photo trips captures one of those ah-hah photographs, we celebrate because getting better in this craft is so enjoyable! Knowing that we had a small part in helping makes it all worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy viewing the Pennsylvania Elk slideshow. It shows in a brief way what one can expect on our photo trips to elk country. We are currently taking reservations for our winter trip in February 2012. We are now offering 1-day and 3-day trips. You can find more details about these photo trips here.

Now, enjoy the PA Elk Slideshow!

Pennsylvania Elk Photo Experience – Fall Rut 2011

There is absolutely no place I would rather be in the fall than in Benezette, Pennsylvania photographing the beautiful and majestic elk of Pennsylvania. The fall colors, the active bugling bull elk, and the excitement of the fall rut bring sounds and sights that are just out of this world! Photographing these amazing sights is high on my list of must-do experiences every year.

My good friend and photography colleague, Dick McCreight, and I enjoy leading photo trips on the elk range each fall. We particularly enjoy sharing how we photograph the elk with those interested in learning helpful photo skills to do the same. We take viewing etiquette very seriously, so our numbers are small so we can both teach outdoor photo skills to you while keeping our impact on the elk range to a minimum.

This fall photo trip will be our 6th trip and we cannot wait to be out with our cameras photographing the elk!

If you enjoy wildlife photography and want to learn how to take better photographs, then this is the perfect trip for you. Our photo trip features three in-depth workshops where we discuss camera set-up & use, wildlife photography, history of the PA elk, and editing photographs in Adobe Lightroom. You will definitely learn new photo skills in these workshops! Then we take what we learn from each other and put it all into use as we take a minimum of six excursions on the elk range to capture the excitement with our cameras. Each evening we share our photographs of the day and enjoy constructive critiques on our five best photos of the day.

Digital photography has come a long way in recent years. The problem is learning how to use this new technology to capture the photos of your dreams. This trip will not only help you learn how to do this, but will put you in a position to capture the magnificent elk of Pennsylvania with your camera!

Click here to find out more info about these photo trips. Click here to see some photos of previous photo trips and click here to view a slideshow of what our trips offer. Feel free to email any questions you may have about these trips. We are confident that you will not only find our photo trip to be educational but also entertaining and filled with loads of photo fun! Try it out this year by attending our PA Photo Elk Experience–it will be an experience of a lifetime!

Bob Shank & Dick McCreight

Join Us for our next Amazing Photo Trip!

How would  you like to capture some amazing photographs of the majestic Pennsylvania elk?

Our Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience is a great opportunity to learn more about wildlife photography and make great memories at the same time!

Click on the photo above for a sample of photographs you could capture on one of these trips.

These photo trips offer complete lodging and food for three days. You will experience three photography workshops and have plenty of chances to be out photographing these amazing creatures. It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Along the way you will meet some terrific people, experience the elk culture of Pennsylvania, and learn some valuable wildlife photography tips.

Our upcoming Winter Experience is scheduled for February 21-24. More information is available here.

Please consider joining us for an amazing photography experience. And if you refer a friend to attend with you, we will take 10% off the regular price for you.

Upcoming PA Elk Photography Experience

Do you ever dream of being close to wildlife and taking photographs of wild animals?

If you do, then this trip is definitely for you! Dick McCreight and I have led wildlife photo trips for several years now and we can guarantee you will learn more about photography and wildlife, see some amazing sites, and have a great time! I saw a lot of elk this year and just this week saw some tremendous bulls and quite a few calves still with spots. The bulls are beginning to shed their velvet, which means the breeding season is right around the corner! Once the rut is in full swing, you can expect the bulls to put on an incredible display! They will be jostling for breeding rights by bugling, sparring, marking their territory, and rounding up their harems. It is my favorite time of the year to be sure!

Learning how to be a better photographer is easier if you don’t do it alone. I am always amazed at how much knowledge is shared between photographer on each of our photo trips. It is nothing short of amazing. For example, sometimes we come back to camp after  along shoot, open up our laptops to upload our photos, and then sit there and compare notes with each other. It is truly an educational experience. The best part, of course, is being out on the elk range photographing the elk. In my 20 years of finding, observing, and photographing the elk I see many wonderful sights. I’ve learned where the elk are likely to be found and know a lot more about their behavior than I did 19 years ago.

If you dream  of capturing the PA elk with  your camera, then this trip is one you should consider. We have two different “experiences” or photo trips. The Fall Rut Trip this September 27-30th and the Winter Experience February 21-24th. You can find out more information about these unique photo trips here. Join us for one of these photo trips for an experience of a lifetime!

Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience

Just today a newspaper article in The Morning Call featured our Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience. You can read the article here. This article includes some photographs of the elk taken by my colleague and friend, Dick McCreight.

We enjoy leading these photography experiences and always enjoy being out with our cameras and teaching. There is still time to sign up so consider joining us on an upcoming trip. You can find more information here.