Coughlin v. Pocono Mountain East Photo Gallery in the Pocono Record

Coughlin v. Pocono Mountain EastPocono Mountain East hosted Coughlin in high school football action on Friday night. It was a beautiful night for football and it was Homecoming for the Cardinals!

This photo was published online by the Pocono Record on Saturday. Today a photo gallery of several of my photos appeared online, too. I like these online photo galleries because they really give the viewer a broader sense of the action on the field. There are just so many plays that make up a game story and it is really tough to capture everything in one or two photographs.

You can check out my gallery here.


New: Sports Galleries Now Online

I am getting there with this new blog format. I’ve wanted to make some of these changes for some time now, and, finally, it is coming together. The newest feature I just added is some online photo galleries of my recent shoots.

The idea here is to share a few more of the photographs captured at the sporting events I am shooting. Think of it as sort of a sports photography/photojournalist approach. I always say that every game has a story to tell and one of my primary tasks is to capture and tell that unique story with my camera. Many times this is the big play of a game, but I find there are some sub-stories on the sidelines, at halftime, and even before a game, too!

These photo galleries also give me the opportunity to share some of the photos, which will never make it in print. There are some great photogenic faces, expressions, and moments that are more than worthy of sharing with others.

I hope you enjoy viewing these galleries at least half as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. There are great moments at all these events and, to me at least, there is nothing more exciting than the atmosphere of a sporting event!

These new photo galleries can be viewed by navigating to the last tab to the right near the top of my main blog page. You will then see a drop-down list of the available galleries posted so far. More will be forthcoming soon.

I also dropped the most recent gallery into this blog post, which you can view below:

Capturing the Essence of a Game

FB130906 1444

The Pocono Record published another gallery of my photos, this time from Friday night’s football game in Lehighton. You can view the photo gallery here. My assignment is first and foremost to get quality photographs that tell the story of the game for the following morning’s newspaper. Deadline for submission is 9:15pm, which means the game is often still going on and the final outcome may be undetermined as yet. Therefore, I need to provide photos from each team in action so the winning photo can be representative of the game and reflect the actual winner.

FB130906 1409

Secondarily, I provide a gallery of photos for the newspaper to display on their website. The goal here is always to capture photographs, which capture the essence of the game and the atmosphere we experience in-person at a Friday night high school football game. The options are plentiful, but some thought, creativity, and camera skills are required to pull this off. It is one thing to experience the exciting atmosphere of a football game, but it is quite another to communicate it through photos to help the viewer get a taste of the action.

FB130906 1207

I like to say it this way: Each game tells a unique story, which deserves to be told photographically. My job is to capture the action with my camera to tell this story and freeze the special moments to make them into lasting memories for a lifetime.

FB130906 1267