Game Day Celebrations

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg Universtiy

Chest pumps, high fives, spikes, and dances are just some of the celebrations you will see on game day after a touchdown or a big play. Photographing these celebrations helps to tell the full story of the game. Keep your camera on the player who scored the touchdown long after the play. Keep following and shooting, and you will get shots likes these.

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyTouchdown celebrations have changed over the years. Some include a simple spike of the football. Other times it is a complicated and well-rehearsed combination of moves. Either way, these can be great photographic moments! Tracking the players and always being ready are the keys to success.

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyCapturing the faces of at least one of the players is a good goal with celebrations. Using a wider angle lens is often a good idea, especially if the celebration breaks out in the endzone near your spot. Pay attention to the backgrounds, too.

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyChest pumps are all the rave these days. From the pro games down to the pee wees, chest pumps are often seen on the football field. Capturing these celebrations is simply a matter of being prepared and following the players after the whistle blows and the play is over. Give it a try.Millersville v. East Stroudsburg Universtiy




Celebration Photographs

Photographing a baseball game is one of my most favorite things to do. I enjoy spending time behind the viewfinder during a baseball game and figuring out where the peak action might next take place. The thrill of trying to capture the story as the game unfolds is an exciting challenge to me!

Trying to capture the peak action of the plays on the field is my most favorite subject during a game, but many other little things happen during a game as well. Coaches call time out to talk to a player or visit the mound to talk with the pitcher. Celebrations often occur throughout the game and are sprinkled in with all the exciting action. For example, a player gets safely to second base and claps his hands in enthusiasm or a player high-fives another player after a great inning or game.

Today I am posting four celebration images that serve as good samples of what I am talking about here. They all happened in one game and just serve to show that capturing these little celebrations can really help to tell the full story of the game. This is always my goal: capturing the story of the game as it unfolds to the best of my ability. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If this is true, then I wonder how many words a photo gallery of a baseball game is worth? When a photograph tells a story without having to say a word, then I know I’ve done my job.

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