Portfolio Worthy Photographs

I capture plenty of photographs in the games that I shoot. However, only a select are worthy to be included in a sports photography portfolio. I believe showing action is an important aspect of a portfolio worthy photo. The photo above was the one that got me noticed by the newspaper I freelance for now over three years ago.

MBKB160220 0479A

Showing the emotion of an athlete is also important to me. Sports are full of emotions and our job as sports photographers is to show this emotion in our photographs. A photograph without emotion tends to be lifeless and boring. Bring emotion into a photograph and it just seems to come to life!

FB 2014-09-27 3-15-42C

I also learned that showing the face and eyes is critical for a photo to come close to being great. The eyes especially with contact lens often reveal some of the intense emotion in an athlete. The old saying is “the eyes are windows to the soul.” Well, to me, the eyes are a key element in a great portfolio worthy photograph.

PV Baseball 2009-09-05-128

A great photograph tells a story. The action is this photograph shows the catcher putting the tag on the baserunner while the umpire is looking on before calling the out at the plate! What a story it tells! It also helps that some additional elements like emotion and eyes are included in this action shot.

I know that not every photo I capture will be portfolio worthy, but I am finding that the more I keep these key elements in mind while shooting a game, my success rate increases. I am capturing more quality, winning photographs these days. I attribute this to practice, practice, and more practice. I am not quite there yet, but someday I plan on having a perfect day from behind my camera!

Faces in Sports Photography

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

Sometimes in sports photography it is difficult to capture the players’ faces, especially if they are wearing a helmet. Faces show emotions and passion. Last Friday night, Pleasant Valley showcased their Cubs Football Players and Cheerleaders.

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

They were introduced onto the field prior to kickoff, as parents, families, and fans cheered and supported them. It was much easier to capture some of these incredible faces!

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

Following the introductions of the PV Cubs, it was time for the National Anthem and the High School Alma Mater. It was during this last song that I captured this photo of a game-ready face before he strapped on his helmet for the game.

in Brodheadsville on Friday, September 25, 2015.

Faces show a lot and we should try our best to capture the athletes’ faces in sports photography!