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I enjoy photographing wildlife and sharing insights I learned over the years is just a natural progression in my photography passion. So, inspired by fellow photographers, I decided to write a wildlife photography tips magazine. You can view the premier issue here, or by clicking on the photo above.

In this magazine you will find a breadth of info on wildlife photography from suggested gear to practical shooting tips in the field. I share some camera setting suggestions as well as a detailed step-by-step account on location during one of my photo shoots. The goal is to share wild photo tips to help photographers capture better wildlife photographs they will be proud to share with others, and help you become a better photographer. Beginners to experts will find something of value in each issue.

Check out my new Wild Photo Tips Magazine. Share it with others who are interested in wildlife photography. Then be sure to let me know what you think about it!


Coming Soon: A New Photography Magazine called Wild Photo Tips Magazine!

Coming Soon:

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I am in the finishing stages of designing and creating a new photography magazine. The title is Wild Photo Tips Magazine and it will feature tried and true techniques for photographers of all levels from beginner to expert! The new magazine will feature mostly wildlife photography but occasionally delve into other branches of photography like sports, portraits, and even drama!

This idea for a photo magazine was birthed from the success of my book: How I Photograph the Pennsylvania Elk. This photo book project was more successful than I first imagined and it led me to this new project. By the way, my photo book is still available for sale here: http://www.blurb.com/b/1611137-how-i-photograph-the-pennsylvania-elk The idea for a photo magazine came quite naturally for me, after all, I have a journalism degree from Temple University with a focus on Magazines!

The new photo magazine will be published two times a year to start and will include articles in the following categories: basic photo tips, advanced techniques, my favorite photo destinations, on location, wildlife tip of the month, camera and software tips, wild photo tips, a photo critique, and much more! The magazine will be sold for $7.95 at the Elk Country Visitor Center on Winslow Hill, PA. There will also be an online version available for $3.95 per issue. The first online premier issue will be available for free to give you an idea of the great ideas and tips featured in this magazine.

Keep checking my photo website at www.bobshankphotography.com to see when the premier issue will be available. Check it out and share it with your photography friends. There will be something for every level of photographer out there!