Writing My Own Book was Great Fun!

I earned a journalism degree from Temple University and enjoy writing. Recently I was motivated to self-publish my very own book. It actually was a thought in the back of my head for a number of years. I had some concrete ideas on what I wanted to write about and even pursued the idea seriously about three years ago. A lot has changed in three short years! Just a few months ago I listened to a podcast that introduced me to Blurb.com.

The podcast was an interview with Dave Black and he shared his process of how he self-published a photo book entitled, “The Way I See It.” Well, I was motivated enough to check out the Blurb.com website and it didn’t take me long to view the information online and decided that I was sold on this idea! Blurb.com makes the process very easy. So, I downloaded the software and began to write my own book.

It was an invigorating process and I enjoyed every step of the way. As I said, much of what I wanted to write was already somewhere in the my head, so I just had to discipline myself to sit down and get the words out. Of course, I made sure to include photographs of the PA elk in the book, too!

The book actually describes tips and techniques that are applicable to any wildlife photographer. You can see a more detailed description of the book and preview it here.

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