Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, & Web Pages

Which do you prefer–blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or Web Pages?

I actually enjoy keeping up with all of these social networking tools. My website was started first and continues to be the main place where my photography services and photographs are shared with anyone who cares to see them. I keep adding information to my website such as new photo shoots, information about upcoming workshops, and upcoming Pennsylvania Elk Photo opportunities.

On my blog, I share some photography educational thoughts and other interesting photo info. I also enjoy hearing what others think about the topics I bring up in my blog. The feedback is fun and helpful.

On Twitter I post a new photo tip each day.

And on Facebook I replicate some of the educational photo information and sometimes discuss other photo topics.

Check it all out by going to my website at Bob Shank Photography

Photo Tips on Twitter

Do you Tweet?

Twitter is one of the relatively newer social mediums out there. I will admit that I was a little slow to get up to speed with Twitter, but now I love it! Twitter allows you to “follow” other people and see what they are sharing about their life, their company, and their interests.

So I decided to share some photo tips on my Twitter page. Each day I share a new photo tip and those who follow me on Twitter can read the photo tip of the day. Of course, they can also go back through all the formerly posted tips as well.

To follow me on Twitter you need  to set up an account, which is free. Then you can join in this social medium by following others and sharing your own Tweets. Go to for more information.

One of the cool things that I did was redesign my Twitter page to feature my own photographs instead of having the basic, boring backgrounds that come standard on the Twitter design.

It’s a fun way to keep up with people and learn at the same time. I hope you will consider following me on Twitter. My account is

Are You Tweeting?

Do you use Twitter?

Twitter is a neat  social media application that allows you to share information with others and also follow the happenings of other people/businesses you might be interested in following. Each message must be short–140 characters or less. There are many people connecting with each other tough Twitter every day.

Give it a try! You can create your own Twitter account by going to

I just updated my Twitter page, which you can see here:

The text and photos down the left and right sides are what I added to spruce up my Twitter page a bit. It was fun to do and now my page reflects a similar look and feel to my website.

I hope you are “tweeting” the official term for sending messages through Twitter. If  you are tweeting, follow me and I will follow you!