Is a computer considered photography equipment?

I readily admit that I am a computer geek. I took a Fortran computer language class at Temple University, back in the days when we still used punch cards! My laptop often has a large number of programs running in the task bar and my browser typically has far too many tabs open. Yeah, I like computers.

However, I would rather spend my hard-earned money on more photography equipment than on a computer! But reality has set in and I know I need a new pc. I recently purchased a Drobo and my current desktop is unable to run the Drobo–it’s just too old. My wife is reluctant to let me share her desktop pc, worrying that I will hog it much of the time and cut out too much of her surfing and pc game time! Hmmm, I guess I do have to spring for a new pc of my own.

I spent some time tonight configuring some pc arrangements. I am planning to use the new pc almost exclusively for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I want 3-4GB of RAM and a fast processor. Not much need for any other software at the moment. Oh, yeah, and I want Windows 7.0.

Do you think of your computer as photography equipment?

New Lens on the Way

Late last night I ordered a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. This lens has been on back-order for quite a while and no one seemed to have any on hand. This allowed me to continue saving my pennies to have enough to purchase this lens. I also used the B&H Photo website feature to have them notify me when this lens was available.

Well, last night I received just such a message and I promptly placed my order. I am looking forward to receiving this much acclaimed lens. It is in the standard zoom range and has received many praises from amateur to pro photographers.

I will use it primarily for portraits, team photos, and some landscape shots. Since I shot sports and wildlife the zoom lens will still be attached to my camera body much of the time, but this new lens should give me some very good quality photographs for the closer subjects.

It is always exciting to receive a new piece of equipment. I am trying to wait patiently and will share a few photos and a personal review once I receive shipment of this lens and am able to take it through a few paces.

What piece of photo equipment is on your next to obtain list?