ESU Wins Big as Head Coach Douds Coaches His 500th Career Game!

in East Stroudsburg on Saturday, September 19, 2015.

Not just kudos to Head Coach Douds for his longevity; he still gets it done and with class!

Congratulations, Coach Douds!

I Love Football!

2015-08-30 ESU WebsiteLast week I attended the Penn State football game in State College. The Nittany Lions were hosting the Buffalo Bulls for the second game of the new season. I took my good friend and former football coach, Al Van Houten. We met my brother and my son for the pre-game activities and we visited some other friends in the RV tailgate area. Then it was game time! There is nothing quite like college football on a Saturday afternoon!

Just two days before the game I received a call from the Sports Information Director, Greg Knowlden, at East Stroudsburg University asking if I could photograph some of their football games this year. Yeah?! Of course! The only thing better for me than watching college football on a Saturday afternoon as a fan is photographing the game down on the field! So this Saturday I will be on the Eiler-Martin Stadium field to photograph the ESU game.

I covered one game last year for ESU and a few of my photos were published on their website and in the local newspaper, The Pocono Record. However, as I was doing my research before this weekend’s game, I discovered that one of my photos is featured on the 2015 East Stroudsburg University Football Media Guide! (You can see the cover below and my photo is in the upper left.) This photo was also featured in the local newspaper’s pre-season football issue.

Did I say I love football? Well, I do, don’t you?

2015 ESU FB Media Guide


East Stroudsburg University Tops Millersville University to Advance to the PSAC Final Four

BKB 2015-03-04 0296A

East Stroudsburg University won big over Millersville University in PSAC quarterfinal action on Wednesday night. The Warriors split the two regular season games against the Marauders but came up with a huge victory to advance to the PSAC Final Four. They will face Indiana University of Pennsylvania on Saturday in the semi-final. I was covering the game for The Pocono Record and the above photo was published on Thursday.

Here are some additional photos from the game at Koehler Fieldhouse.

BKB 2015-03-04 0533


at Koehler Fieldhouse in East Stroudsburg on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.


BKB 2015-03-04 0333


at Koehler Fieldhouse in East Stroudsburg on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.


BKB 2015-03-04 0349


BKB 2015-03-04 0249


BKB 2015-03-04 0394

September Photo of the Month

FB 2014-09-27 3-15-42C

For a few years now, I highlight one photo each month as “The Photo of the Month.” It typically features one of my favorite shots or one that stands out in some way above the others.

This concept gained some momentum even among the players I photograph. Some of them even mention one of their goals is to be featured in my photo of the month! I enjoy getting to know these athletes both on the field and the sidelines. They are real people who do some amazing things that I am fortunate to capture with my camera.

This month’s photo of the month was captured at an East Stroudsburg University football game. It includes some of the goals I aim for in sports photography. You can see the description of this photo here.

Mercyhurst v. East Stroudsburg University

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyThe third college game I photographed this year featured East Stroudsburg University hosting Mercyhurst. The action was back and forth in the first half and it was fast and furious! It still took some concentrated effort to keep up with the pace of the college game, but I could definitely see a difference in my performance from the first college game of the season.

College Football: Mercyhurst v. East Stroudburg
This photo was not quite as easy to capture as I expected. There were many problems I encountered before capturing this shot. Many times the QB rolled out to the opposite side of the field, going away from me. Other times, the pocket was formed around the QB and linemen were in the way. Still other times, the referee was smack dab in the middle of my frame! It took me well over half the game to capture this pose, but I think it turned out pretty well.

College Football: Mercyhurst v. East StroudburgSometimes the QB pulls the ball down and has to scramble for yardage. And sometimes the play is a designed QB-keeper. Either way, keep the QB in your viewfinder and track his movement. This is probably one of the easier photos to capture. I like this shot because both feet are airborne. I think this pose just portrays action! I really enjoyed the three college football games I photographed this year. I learned a lot and got a little better. All-in-all, it was a very good football season!




Game Day Celebrations

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg Universtiy

Chest pumps, high fives, spikes, and dances are just some of the celebrations you will see on game day after a touchdown or a big play. Photographing these celebrations helps to tell the full story of the game. Keep your camera on the player who scored the touchdown long after the play. Keep following and shooting, and you will get shots likes these.

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyTouchdown celebrations have changed over the years. Some include a simple spike of the football. Other times it is a complicated and well-rehearsed combination of moves. Either way, these can be great photographic moments! Tracking the players and always being ready are the keys to success.

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyCapturing the faces of at least one of the players is a good goal with celebrations. Using a wider angle lens is often a good idea, especially if the celebration breaks out in the endzone near your spot. Pay attention to the backgrounds, too.

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyChest pumps are all the rave these days. From the pro games down to the pee wees, chest pumps are often seen on the football field. Capturing these celebrations is simply a matter of being prepared and following the players after the whistle blows and the play is over. Give it a try.Millersville v. East Stroudsburg Universtiy




Football Action Photos

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyAnother college game produced some great action for me to photograph this past Saturday as East Stroudsburg hosted Millersville.

It was not a close game–ESU ran away with it actually. But the action was thrilling nevertheless! I was more successful in following the action with my camera and the athletes provided some great action on the field!

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg Universtiy

What do you think about these action photos?

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg Universtiy




College Football Photos in the Easton Express-Times

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyToday I photographed the Millersville v. East Stroudsburg University football game. It was my first stringer assignment for the Easton Express-Times. They posted this photo and a gallery of my photos from today’s game on their website, which you can view here.

I said before that the atmosphere of shooting a college football game is over the top and today was no exception. Even though ESU won 66-17, it was a thrill to be there and shoot the game! I’ll tell you, being alongside the field sure beats being a couch potato and watching the games at home on TV!

Today I was a little more successful tracking the receivers down field to capture the action on the pass receptions. Knowing some of the go-to players helped. Knowledge of the game and the situation on each down is also advantageous. I believe I am getting better with my sports photography and I hope my sports photos show it!



More College Football Photos

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgThe Lock Haven v. East Stroudsburg college football game was a thrill for me to photograph on a number of levels. It was my first college football photo assignment. This alone had me psyched up! It was also an afternoon game and I was looking forward to shooting a game in more available light. The thrill of watching these college athletes compete on the gridiron was more than enough to get me excited!

The action did not disappoint. It was high energy from the start! The intensity, emotion, and enthusiasm were all present from the start. This first photo above shows some of the passion put on the field by these players. It is absolutely incredible! And to think I have the honor and privilege of being on the field to capture these special moments with my camera… well, it’s just mind boggling!

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgHomecoming always seems to host an enthusiastic and high-energy crowd. When the home team scores; all the better! Here, wide receiver, Robert Bleiler, is running for the touchdown after a 96-yard run after reception.

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgRobert Bleiler & Greg Blue are celebrating after a touchdown in this photograph. Capturing the emotions and celebrations after a play can be very successful. Just be very careful about putting a camera in the face of a defeated player.

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgKickoffs are not always the easiest play to photograph. There is just so much going on at this time. Players are everywhere and it looks like organized chaos! Here I was able to obtain a clean view of the kicker without another player in the frame. Whew, lucky!





ESU Football Kicking Record Broken!

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgEast Stroudsburg University kicker, Taylor Groff, broke the school record for most points kicked in a career! The record-breaking kick took place in Saturday’s Homecoming Game against Lock Haven–a game which ESU won handedly!

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgGroff was poised to potentially break two kicking records this week. He was inline to best the most points kicked in a career and top the total number of field goals made by an ESU kicker. He accomplished the first one and is still on track to accomplish the second one before the season ends. Both remaining games are at home, so if he breaks this record it will also be in front of his home crowd.

Lock Haven v. East Stroudsburg

Lock Haven v. East Stroudsburg