Photo Display

I am gearing up and getting ready for my first official photo display. The photos  will be hung on August 1st and will be on display for two months. This is an exciting opportunity for me to share some of my photographic work with others in a public setting. I have Bill Weitzman to thank for this. Thank you very much Bill!

The process of printing larger photos, 11×14 in this case, and framing them is a good project. I like the look and feel of these larger photos and once assembled in the frames, they look great!

Narrowing down the final number of photographs to 12 was not easy for me. I did settle on a display topic of “wildlife” in a general sense, so the photos include the Pennsylvania Elk, Birds of Chincoteague, and a Pocono Deer.

I have displayed my photos on my website, but having them appear in a gallery is an exciting new venture for me. I hope others enjoy my work!

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