How I Photograph the Pennsylvania Elk

Tonight I was privileged to give a presentation at the Pocono Photo Club. My title was “How I Photograph the Pennsylvania Elk.” It was a wonderful time for me to share how I find and photograph the elk of PA. Some people aren’t even aware that is an elk herd here in our state.

I am fortunate to have a camp in the midst of the elk range and we often have elk in our yard! I thoroughly enjoy getting out to photograph the elk in their natural habitat. My good friend, Dick McCreight, and I lead photo trips called the “Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience.” These photo trips include meals and lodging, 3 photo workshops, and plenty of opportunities to get out and photograph the elk in all their beauty. It is a great experience; hence the name!

Tonight I shared some of my photographs of the elk and how I go about photographing the elk. It is a passion for me and I always enjoy sharing this photo passion with others. You can find out more about our PA elk photo trips here.

I want to thank the Pocono Photo Club for giving me the opportunity to share my photo passion.

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