One of my photographs was published in the newspaper

One of the photographs I took of the bull which was rescued last Thursday appeared in the Endeavor News weekly newspaper. Here is the photograph they used.


I subtitled the photograph, “Free at last” in my blog last weekend.

Carol Mulvihill writes a bi-weekly outdoor column for the Endeavor News and her article this week includes my photograph. She told me earlier today that her article underwent some editorial cutting, so not all the original detail of her article appears in the published article. This is a shame because Carol did a good job of describing what we all witnessed and shared the story of the bull rescue in a beautiful way.

The Endeavor News serves Potter & Cameron Counties in northcentral Pennsylvania. If you subscribe to the online version of the paper, you can view Carol’s article and my accompanying photo. Otherwise, in two weeks the article can be viewed by anyone even without having a subscription.

I hope you enjoy Carol’s article. I was more than happy to share my photo with her to get this amazing story of the bull rescue out to more readers. It seems to me to be the least we can do to inform people of the many dangers to the elk herd in Pennsylvania. I still think about that bull elk and hope that he survives these next 30 critical days and has many more years of vibrant life ahead of him!

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3 Responses to One of my photographs was published in the newspaper

  1. Willard says:

    Congratulations on having the photograph published, Bob. You definitely captured the crucial moment.

    I missed that particular shot as I was concentrating on running the camcorder at that point. That is a downside to shooting both, sometimes one missed the best video segments while they are at the still camera or they miss the best still while they are shooting video. I did let the camcorder run unattended at times while I was shooting stills, but in this case I was actually using the camcorder.

    I hope to post a video clip soon if I can get one done of satisfactory quality.

  2. bobshank says:

    I know what you mean, Willard. Several years ago I was debating between video and still photography. I actually captured some nice video of a pileated wooodpecker and a young button buck. It was very nice to see the video, but the time spent editing was enormous compared to still photography. Besides, I cut my teeth on film photography and still find a creative outlet with the stills. I am glad that you and Tom Murphy are doing the video because it adds so much to how we tell the story of the elk and other wildlife. Your 2-part DVD is incredible! For me, I will stick with my Nikon camera for now. It helps me see more wildlife and I keep learning every day. These wildlife lessons are unmatchable!

  3. Shane says:

    Cool my dad has a couple og his going into a magazine. The lady from the newspaper is using quotes from my dad and I in the newspaper. She put all of our blogs on the website.

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