Big & Small Wildlife


I certainly enjoy photographing large mammals. Elk and deer are my two most favorite subjects to photograph. I just cannot get enough of this kind of wildlife photography. But what do you do when either you find yourself outside the elk range or when you just are not seeing the big animals?

While the large animals are my first love, I am interested in all kinds of wildlife–big or small. it doesn’t matter to me what size the wildlife is just as long as I can be there to photograph it. I have come to the conclusion that all God’s creatures deserve to be photographed.

We returned home from our favorite mountain last week more than a little sad to be leaving such a beautiful and awe-inspiring place. The next day I saw a rabbit sitting in our yard here at home. I quickly grabbed my camera and tried to capture a few photos before this little creature hopped away.

Big, small, or medium-sized wildlife are okay with me!

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  1. Willard says:

    I agree with you completely on this, Bob. I mainly concentrate on deer, elk, and turkeys, but I would like to photograph more species, especially waterfowl, but all too often I either can’t see the other species or concentrating on them means I must neglect the deer or elk. As a result a lot of my shots of the other species are taken incidental to deer and elk photography. I also like to photograph scenics and wildflowers when the wildlife activity is slow. You have a good turkey shot in the previous post too!

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