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Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgThe Lock Haven v. East Stroudsburg college football game was a thrill for me to photograph on a number of levels. It was my first college football photo assignment. This alone had me psyched up! It was also an afternoon game and I was looking forward to shooting a game in more available light. The thrill of watching these college athletes compete on the gridiron was more than enough to get me excited!

The action did not disappoint. It was high energy from the start! The intensity, emotion, and enthusiasm were all present from the start. This first photo above shows some of the passion put on the field by these players. It is absolutely incredible! And to think I have the honor and privilege of being on the field to capture these special moments with my camera… well, it’s just mind boggling!

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgHomecoming always seems to host an enthusiastic and high-energy crowd. When the home team scores; all the better! Here, wide receiver, Robert Bleiler, is running for the touchdown after a 96-yard run after reception.

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgRobert Bleiler & Greg Blue are celebrating after a touchdown in this photograph. Capturing the emotions and celebrations after a play can be very successful. Just be very careful about putting a camera in the face of a defeated player.

Lock Haven v. East StroudsburgKickoffs are not always the easiest play to photograph. There is just so much going on at this time. Players are everywhere and it looks like organized chaos! Here I was able to obtain a clean view of the kicker without another player in the frame. Whew, lucky!





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