College Football Photos in the Easton Express-Times

Millersville v. East Stroudsburg UniverstiyToday I photographed the Millersville v. East Stroudsburg University football game. It was my first stringer assignment for the Easton Express-Times. They posted this photo and a gallery of my photos from today’s game on their website, which you can view here.

I said before that the atmosphere of shooting a college football game is over the top and today was no exception. Even though ESU won 66-17, it was a thrill to be there and shoot the game! I’ll tell you, being alongside the field sure beats being a couch potato and watching the games at home on TV!

Today I was a little more successful tracking the receivers down field to capture the action on the pass receptions. Knowing some of the go-to players helped. Knowledge of the game and the situation on each down is also advantageous. I believe I am getting better with my sports photography and I hope my sports photos show it!



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