Fun with Collages

Yes, I confess; I am really having fun creating photo collages these days!

A combination of events contributed to this. One contributing factor is the photo shoots I’ve been fortunate to photograph this week. Pleasant Valley High School’s performance of Oklahoma and the baseball games are just two quick examples. Then, my brother, shared some tips on how to better create photo collages.

All this is helping the creative side of my photography interests and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this new-found challenge!

What do you think of this photo collage?

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3 Responses to Fun with Collages

  1. Coy says:

    I like it Bob, Looks like a playbill for the production, very classy!

  2. Coy says:

    One more thing Bob. If you are going to try the boating for waterfowl now it the time. Many species are moving through my area now. Good Luck!

  3. bobshank says:

    Thank you, Coy! I appreciate your words of encouragement. As you know, our photographic passions take us to many exciting and sometimes unexpected places! Capturing the special moments of our lives and in nature is what it’s all about for me. Thanks too for the tip on getting out for the wild birds, too. I am hoping to do that sometime very soon!

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