ESU Soccer vs. Holy Family

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ESU Men’s Soccer faced Holy Family University Thursday night at 7pm under the lights.

SM180918 00140

The Warriors attacked early in the first half.

SM180918 00254

And kept the pressure on the Tigers.

SM180918 00305

The Tigers battled back after the initial wave.

SM180918 00388

But the Warriors struck first with a goal by Jordan Ellison (#19) midway through the first half.

SM180918 00731

Holy Family tied the game with a goal of their own to even the match.

SM180918 00906

The second half was more of the same with each team working for control.

SM180918 01024

ESU scored a second goal to go ahead.

SM180918 01068

They also had several near misses as they kept attacking the net.

SM180918 01255

But they kept the opponent’s ball out the net and won by a score of 2-1.

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