ESU Football vs. Lock Haven

Devante Robinson catches a pass early in the first quarter against Lock Haven University on Saturday,

ESU went on the attack early on their first two drives and went ahead 14-0 to get the game started!

FB180922 00379

Lock Haven responded and scored a touchdown of their own to keep the game close.

FB180922 00620

The ESU defense had to make some plays late in the first half.

FB180922 00796

Penalties on both sides became part of the game story as well.

FB180922 00861

Both teams’ offensive squad was impressive and made some big plays.

FB180922 01068

Rushing yards piled up one after the other.

FB180922 02412

Jack Cirillo came into the game in the fourth quarter and put a series together to score a touchdown pass.

FB180922 02623

ESU fell just a little short, losing the game 41-44.




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