Talking Elk?

These photographs appear to suggest that the elk are talking!

Elk, both cows and bulls, do make audible, verbal sounds. Bugling and barking are just two examples. Photographs obviously do not let us hear these sounds, but the expressions and details of the elk do reflect some of the energy behind these sounds.

Sometimes an elk is eating food and it just looks like the elk is talking when its mouth is open between chews. Other times we are actually able to photograph an elk making a sound. A bull’s bugle is probably the most sought after example of this.

The next time you are watching or photograph the elk, pay attention. They just might be doing some talking!

Pennsylvania Elk on the Funny Side

Some people are funny. We’ve all seen them and been around them, but do you know that animals are funny, too?

Yes, there is a humorous side of animals that the casual observer is not privy to because enough time is just not spent in the company of the animal. But give the animal, any animal, a chance, and there’s a good chance it will reveal a funny side to you!

Take this cow elk, for example. Maybe it wasn’t trying to be funny, but some of these facial expressions certainly put a smile on my face! It was honestly like that TV commercial where the baby is talking as his little mouth moves in rhythm! And you know, sometimes, I do think these elk have a feeling they’re being watched and observed, so they choose to put on a little show! You know, to impress the viewers or photographers who are watching. Who needs television when you can witness scenes like this?

Maybe she was just licking her chops in anticipation of an upcoming meal. Or maybe she was showing off for this silly photographer who was spending so much time standing behind this three little sticks. Ha, he calls them sticks? I’ll show him what we call sticks in these here woods!

I’m getting tired of being funny. So I think I’ll (yawn) go take a nap. What? You’ve never seen a big yawn before? Give me a break!