An Added Bonus

A couple of weeks ago I was photographing a high school football game, which was the best high school game I’ve ever seen. But today my focus is not on the game, but on the band. That’s right! Before the game started the visiting team’s band took the field. They put on an impressive show, too!

This shot is of the one tuba player who I happen to know. He goes to our church, is a sophomore, has a variety of musical talents, is a Boy Scout, and is a great young man!

I liked this photo of him because it shows him putting all his effort into these notes. He body is in position to let it rip!

One Incredible Football Game!

East Stroudsburg-South vs. Pleasant Valley

This was the match-up for Friday night high school football here. It was billed to be the match-up of the year.

Two quick possessions¬† by South and the score was 14-0. So much for all the hype–so everyone thought. From that point on both teams began a battle for the ages. The game went back and forth almost with each possession. Pleasant Valley scored what was going to be a tie score at 35 each, but PV went for two instead of one extra point. They didn’t make it, so the score stood at 35-34. South was driving the ball just around mid-field when it was suddenly fourth and one yard to go. They chose to go for it instead of punting it deep into PV territory. But they didn’t make it and turned the ball over on downs.

PV put together an offensive drive that looked an awful lot like one of the Colts drives–precise passes and making critical 3rd downs. With 18 seconds left in the game, QB Derrick Walling threw a pass to RB Robert Getz for the go ahead touchdown. The TD pass ended up being the winning and final score. Absolutely amazing!

The sidelines were abuzz all night with photographers, television cameras, and reporters. It was a media maze! I was so glad to be on the sidelines photographing this incredible game and honing my sports photography skills. It may not have been a great night for me, but it sure was for these two football teams!

Fall Newsletter

I just posted my new Fall Newsletter to my website.

The Fall Newsletter has some articles about the Pennsylvania elk, the Elk County Visitor Center, and a Photography tip. You can view my newsletter here. It features a brand new format and is now produced in PDF format.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

My photography adventures take me on many exciting experiences. Last night I photographed the local high school game between East Stroudsburg South and Pleasant Valley. It was absolutely the best high school football game I’ve ever seen! The game went back and forth the entire time and Pleasant Valley pulled it out with 18 seconds to go on the clock! It was enthralling and I was honored to be there to capture the action with my camera. You can see these photos here.

It is experiences like this and seeing the beautiful Pennsylvania elk that keep me behind the viewfinder. I could think of no better place to be in my spare time!


Last night I photographed the Leighton vs. Pleasant Valley football game. It was a very good game from the PV side. Lehighton put up a good fight and it was only 21-0 at halftime. But it was hard to stop the three-pronged attack of the PV quarterback Walling, receiver Irving, and running back Getz. Some incredible receptions and tough running yards kept the Indians on their heels most of the night.

Photographing football sure is different from baseball. For one thing, the game was at night so I had to really make adjustments for the lighting conditions. Secondly, the flow of the game is much different. Fortunately, I coached football for about nine years so this wasn’t all that bad for me, but it was different from photographing a baseball game. Being at the middle school game this past week was also helpful and prepared me well for this high school game.

You can check out the photos I captured at this football game here. And I included a few photos here in my blog entry, too.

Football Game

Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph a middle school football game. The Stroudsburg Mounties were hosting the Pleasant Valley Bears. I knew several players on both sides, but one of the Stroudsburg moms asked me to get some photos of her son. The action was fast and furious with lots of scoring throughout the game.

I found football to be much different than photographing baseball. The action seemed more non-stop and fast-paced. I coached football for quite a few years, including at the middle school level for three years. Knowing the game sure helps when trying to photograph a game! One quick tip I learned quickly is to line up on the sideline slightly behind the line of scrimmage to get a clear shot of the backfield. Handoffs, pitches, and the QB dropping back for a pass are examples of shots I was able to get with this technique.  Of course, this would also be a good location for a QB sack, too. I found it much harder to capture a receiver catching a pass.

Over all, I believe I was able to capture some good, quality photographs of the game. Here are five photos, but you can see all the photos from this shoot here.