Bull Elk from a Different Perspective

This is a Pennsylvania bull elk. He is big but this is a different perspective from how I typically photograph these majestic animals.

This perspective takes in more of the surrounding environment where this bull roams. The foreground features a field of grass, which is turning to brown in the late fall when this photograph was captured. The background shows trees with just a hint of the changing color coming to the leaves.

The bull seems to be overshadowed by these surrounding elements and yet he appears to be just coming onto this scene. His majestic antlers are reflecting some of the light and they are huge!

What do you think of this different perspective?


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One Response to Bull Elk from a Different Perspective

  1. Willard says:

    It is good to capture animals from different perspectives. I often times concentrate too much on the close-up shots. When shooting video I often go for a wider establishing shot and then either zoom in or physically move closer to get a portrait of the animal–whatever the case the animal in his natural environment type photo should not be forgotten in the quest for stunning close-ups.

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