Yeah, We’re Friends Now

These two bulls were posing side-by-side for us last week in the middle of August. They seem to be good friends as they stand there in the field. Next month it will be a different story!

These two boys will go from friends to foe as they will be competing for breeding rights. I cannot wait for the rut! I generally like fall anyway–in fact, it is my most favorite time of the year. But when the elk activity at this time of year is added in, this time of year is simply magical! Bulls will be bugling and getting very excited, which makes any wildlife photographer excited as well! The rut is just around the corner and I definitely plan to be on the elk range for this wonderful and wild experience!

Yep, they might  look like good friends now, but just wait until next month!

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  1. Brad says:

    Bob, thanks for stopping by my blog. Taffic on the site has been so low it may end soon. I will be there for the rut the last week of September. It was to go until the end of the first week of October but because of Boy Scout Camp I do not know if I will go back up. Maybe a day trip or two south for Whitetails will be in order for that week.

    I have been catching up and it looks like you had a great time in Benezette in spite of the rain. I remember last years trip around this time very well. These two guys will be not be standing side by side in another month.

    I hope to get to shoot with you when I am up next month.

    Take care and stay safe Brad

  2. bobshank says:

    Thanks for your comments, Brad. I, too, sometimes struggle with the effort of keeping my blog going when there seems to be so little attention to it sometimes. I do hope you keep yours going. It’s mostly out of selfish reasons for me, I guess, so we can keep in touch. But you really do have a photographic gift and your photos should be seen by others!

    I will be up that last week of September and also hope our paths cross as we photograph the exciting scenes of the rut. I think Willard is up there this week. I was hoping to get up on Labor Day, but now James has a baseball tournament that weekend. So we are hoping to get up for a day-and-a-half trip in mid-September. Hopefully the rut will have started a little by then and I hear the visitor center may be open by then.

    Sometime I’d like to hear more about your southern destination for whitetail deer.

    Take care and keep shooting & blogging!


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