Tractor Power

The Blue Mountain Antique Gas & Steam Engine Association isĀ  holding their 40th Anniversary Tractor Show this weekend.

James and I attended the show today and were greeted with beautiful weather and tractors galore! We had a fantastic time looking at the Hit ‘n Miss engines, walking through the flea market, and, of course, looking at all the beautiful tractors. There is just something about a tractor that thrills me. Seeing a tractor restored to its original condition is certainly breathtaking, but I also like the tractors which show their wear and tear from time spent in the fields. Tractor power just plain rocks in my humble opinion!

Here are a few photos I took today. As you can see, my son and I are partial to the Red Power of the Farmalls. They are beauties in our eyesight!

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  1. Willard says:

    I grew up with a Farmall H and a Ford (I think 8N). The H was my favorite and I was always arguing with the other school boys (who were almost all farm boys in those days) as to which was the best tractor. The arguments were almost always about the merits of Farmall vs John Deere. I did switch and today have a John Deere Lawn tractor and Compact Utility tractor-although we still have the Ford and a somewhat newer Super H on the farm, along with an International 584 that is now 31 years old–it only seems yesterday that it was new. The original H is long gone–it was worn so badly that we sold it to someone who wanted to invest the time and money to restore it.

    Thanks for sparking all of these thoughts and memories with this post.

  2. bobshank says:

    Willard, it was my pleasure to spark these thoughts of yours. My son, James, and I have become quite fond of the Farmall C, H, and M models. I thought I wanted to get a John Deere, but a few years ago we watched a tractor pull and the Farmalls out-pulled everything, especially the M! I like the C because it is a little smaller but still in-line, unlike the A, the B, and the BN, which are offset with what they called Culti-Vision to allow for easier visibility when cultivating in the field. I will have a Farmall tractor some day and hope to have a small farm, too. I envy you since you still live on a farm. That is awesome and I know it provides you with some great locations for wildlife photography! I grew up in the farmland of Lancaster County and worked on a Dairy Farm for a few years, putting away hay and milking cows, and then on a chicken farm for over eight years. I contend that farm work prepared me in many great ways for living out my life. I hope to go full circle and someday have a farm of my very own. I just love the feeling of working the fields and driving the tractor! I am glad my blog post sparked some precious memories for you. I always enjoy talking about farming and is probably my favorite subject to talk about besides photography!

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