Tough Lighting Conditions

What do you do when the lighting conditions are extremely challenging when you are out with your camera?

It seems to me there are at least three choices you can decide on:

  1. Complain about all the great shots you are missing
  2. Quit altogether and go home
  3. Keep trying and see what happens

Fortunately for me, I decided on the third choice this past week when I was on the elk range. My good friend and photography colleague, Dick McCreight, had a big part in this important decision. You see, when you are out photographing with someone else, they can spur you on and keep you working even in tough conditions. Yes, I complained a little about the tough lighting conditions and the problem I had focusing on the elk, but working with Dick helped motivate me to keep at it. I am very glad I did, too.

Here is one example of how “keep trying and see what happens” can turn out to be the best decision a photographer could make.

Bull in the Fog

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