The Ups and Downs of Learning

Did you or do you like school? I must confess that I was not the best student in any of my classes. In fact, I sometimes wonder how I graduated from high school! But with each step I took to higher education, I learned more and got better as a student. The progression, however, was not linear. There were many bumps in the road and plenty of ups and downs!

I find this to be true as I keep learning about photography as well. Some things come easy for me at times, but then there are those times when I pull my hair out trying to learn a new technique or skill.

Just tonight, I spent several hours trying to learn some new software–well, new to me at least. Thankfully, I had a friend beside me to show me the way, but it was not always easy and I am sure that I have a whole lot more to learn about this software. I do like learning and the computer has afforded me plenty of opportunities to learn more and more. I still remember the very first time I tore apart my pc and installed a new hard drive all by myself. Seeing the hardware underneath the hood and actually taking some of it apart was a thrill to me! Of course, I had to find a way to put it all back together, but the sense of accomplishment with this simple task was contagious.

If find a similar fascination with computer software. Can I find more efficient shortcuts or processes to make a task easier? Can I learn how to use this software for what it was intended but also learn how to utilize it in more creative ways?

Last night I worked on a project in Photoshop that was thrilling for me. It wasn’t anything fancy by any means, but to be able to work with a client and incorporate his vision for the desired outcome was enjoyable to me. Of course, I had to know how to use the software, but it was fun to actually be able to implement his vision into a tangible outcome. I attached a photo of this project for you to see here. Again, it is nothing very fancy but it reinforces my theory that learning has its up and downs. Tonight had some bumps in the road to learning new software for me, but last night I was able to get it right. So it goes with learning!

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2 Responses to The Ups and Downs of Learning

  1. Brad says:

    Bob the photo does not show up. And the older I get the less I like to learn and the harder it gets. And when it comes to cameras and post processing sometimes the more I learn the final outcome becomes worse. Some old dogs do not learn new tricks very well.

  2. bobshank says:

    Willard, I was having computer connection problems last night and had to upload the photograph several times before it worked. I hope it is visible now.

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