My Tear Sheet/Clip File

A tear sheet or clip file is a collection of published photographs that a photographer uses to build his or her portfolio. It is a display of a photographer’s published work and shows that the photographs have, in fact, been published. Sometimes a media outlet asks to see such a tear sheet or clip file as part of the interview process.

Thanks to Bill Weitzmann, I started my physical clip file last year. I purchased a portfolio folder to archive and display all my photographs that were published. Now, I also created an online version of the same. You view this online tear sheet here.

To-date I’ve had 83 photographs published in The Pocono Record and The Easton Express-Times. My portfolio and tear sheet/clip file is growing!

Screen Shot of My Tear Sheet

Today’s Published Photograph

Lehighton v. Pocono Mountain West

Last night I had the opportunity to photograph an incredibly exciting high school football game. I am not sure the game was billed to be such a thriller, but it sure was a wild game!

My newspaper deadline is typically before the game is over, so I have to be sure to capture photographs of both teams to cover the story. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it is a challenge. As an example, sometimes the winning team is very easy to determine even early in the game. Lopsided games just aren’t as much fun to photograph. Last night’s game between Lehighton and Pocono Mountain West went back and forth all night long! Early on it looked like Lehighton was going to take control early, but the Panthers responded quickly with a touchdown of their own. Back and forth it went and the excitement continued to build with each successive drive!

The game was such a thriller that I stayed in position after my self-appointed cutoff time, which gives me more than ample time to cull through my photos and submit some before the newspaper’s deadline. I stayed alongside the field because the Panthers were driving again and I figured they might take the lead. Sure enough: they did!

I thought I had a few decent photographs to help tell the game story, so I left in a hurry and literally ran to my truck. This time I had to finish my submissions and get to another football game to pick up my teenagers from their Homecoming game. Time was a-wasting! I picked out four photos and then added captions. Then, I sent them over the wire as I drove to the other game, which was over by now. The photograph above was the one the editor published in today’s newspaper!