My Favorite App

$14.99 for an app. My daughter thought I was nuts! But this powerful app has quickly become my favorite app so far!

Earlier this week I posted a blog entry revealing the difficulty I had in identifying a bird I photographed in my backyard. Now, I can sit in my blind, or later in my recliner, and punch a few search parameters into my iPhone and quickly id a bird. It is that easy!

iBird Pro has 924 different species in its database. The app is easy to use and very powerful. You can also add your own photos of each species to the database if you desire.

iBird Explorer Pro contains many features that will help me identify, study, track, and share my favorite birds. I love it!

Check it out at:



Favorite Photography iPhone App

A quick search for photo apps on Google reveals a plethora of options. There seems to be an app for this and an app for that, everywhere an app app. Ouch, sorry for the Old MacDonald pun. That was bad.

I was just curious to know what you photographers find to be the best photo apps out there. What do you use? Do you have a favorite? Or are there some apps you keep turning to again and again?

Some of my favorite photo apps include:

PS Express – great photo editing and camera

Sunrise Sunset – provides times for sunrises and sunsets according to your location

The Weather Channel – great for weather conditions, temperatures, etc.

WordPress – to keep up with my blog on the go

Angry Birds – yes, I confess that I love this game! Weeeeeeeee

What about you? Which apps do you recommend?