Bull Chasing Cow

This is what the fall elk rut is all about. Bulls get themselves into a frenzy hoping to mate a cow. They scratch their antlers on the ground, bugle and make all kinds of sounds, attack trees with their large antlers, and much more! They have one thing on their mind: breeding a cow.

This bull is chasing behind a cow hoping she will be ready to breed. She obviously is not ready as she is running away, which is only more frustrating for the bull. Typically, when a bull follows behind a cow unsuccessfully, he will stop and bugle. This is absolutely the right time to have the camera ready to fire!

In this photograph the bull is behind the cow and appears to be disappointed that she is leaving. This same scenario repeats itself over and over and over. The fall rut is full of repeated actions, some predictable and some unpredictable. But it is always a show worth watching and observing!



My Most Viewed Photos of the Year

Elk Rescue img19_large1

I continue to be amazed at the attention received on the bull elk rescue that I photographed back on August 20th. Some of my photos of this incident appeared in numerous newspapers and web pages. And my blog entry on this story has been the most popular by far. It just goes to show that being in the right place at the right time is half the battle.

The story in and of itself is quite amazing. The bull got his antlers caught in a swing set and the Game Commission did a superb job at rescuing this struggling elk. Without their excellent efforts there is no doubt in my mind that this bull would not have survived. The Game Commission personnel, Doty McDowell and Mark Gritzer deserve all the credit and kudos in the world. Their calm, deliberate actions saved this bull elk. I was just fortunate to witness this incredible event and have my camera aimed in the direction of all the action!