Sharing Photos

One of the great things about photography has always been sharing the photographs with others. Whether you are a beat photographer for a daily newspaper or an amateur on a family vacation, you just cannot wait to get the photos out for people to see.

Years ago this took some time. First the entire role of film had to be exposed and then the film had to be sent out to be developed. All the while you were waiting impatiently to see how they turned out. This lapse of time was the main reason that the Polaroid camera was such a success. After snapping the photo you only had to wait a few short minutes to see the photograph.

Today we have a variety of ways to share our photos with others. We can burn a cdrom, send the photos by email, post them on our website or Facebook page. The time lapse has been almost completely removed with digital images now instantly available for viewing.

Still, far too many photos are sitting on hard drives never to see the light of day or even be shared with others. The digital age has helped us take more photos but I fear that it also results in far more photos never being shared with anyone.

So be sure to share your photos with others. Print them out, post them on the internet, or send them to friends by email. Whatever you do, be sure to share your photos with others!

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