Pleasant Valley Intermediate School’s Musical: Peter Pan, Jr.

PVI Musical 2014-05-02-151

Pleasant Valley Intermediate School is fortunate to have Ms. Snyder and Mrs. Hicks as teachers. Not only are they very capable and quality teachers, but they put on a spring musical each year that rivals some high school productions!

This year’s musical, Peter Pan, Jr. is no exception. The students opened Friday night at PVI and they brought the house down! Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, Captain Hook, and all the rest took the stage and presented a musical that was entertaining. Parents and guests had the first-hand experience of seeing the talent of these young students. Ms. Snyder and Mrs. Hicks did it again; they prepared their students and the production was sensational!

PVI Musical 2014-05-02-472

I also had the opportunity to try out the new Nikon D7100 at this performance. Musicals can be quite tricky to photograph because theater lighting is typically spotty. Bright areas and dark shadows are usually only a hair-breath away from each other. High ISO settings are required. My D300 is okay, but I get nervous when I have to push above ISO 1600. Well, enter the D7100! I was told this camera could perform, even at the high ISO settings, and I found out tonight that this is accurate. The photos you see here in this blog entry are all at ISO 3200! Unbelievable! As I was editing my photos earlier, I was struck by how many times I hit the “pick” button in Lightroom because the quality of these photos from the D7100 are so good!

Congratulations to Ms. Snyder, Mrs. Hicks, and all their students! If you haven’t seen Peter Pan, Jr. yet, I sure hope you get to attend on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. You’ll be in for quite a show!

PVI Musical 2014-05-02-318

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