Pleasant Valley High School’s Dress Rehearsal of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-121 Matte

Pleasant Valley High School just finished a fantastic weekend performing the musical: “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” The students did an absolutely wonderful job and the co-directors, Mr. & Mrs. Mulligan did an amazing job preparing these actors for the weekend. They should all be very proud!

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-169 Matte

I had the opportunity to capture the drama on the stage with my camera. I attended all the performances, including the Dress Rehearsal. The photographs here in this blog entry are just a few of my favorite “Pcuts” which stands for “photographer’s cuts” or my favorites of this performance. I still have to edit the photos from the three live performances so I have a lot of work to do!

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-297 Matte

I hope these photographs do justice to the outstanding performance of these PV students. They were absolutely amazing!

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-681 Matte

You can see all the Pcuts of the Dress Rehearsal here.

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-861 Matte


You can view all the photographs from the Dress Rehearsal here.

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1298 Matte

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1674 Matte

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1846 Matte

Charlie Brown 2013-03-14-1863 Matte

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