Photography Subjects

What are you photographing these days? Are you getting out with your camera and making photographs? Or are you busy with life so much that there is little time to spend out and about with your camera?

I absolutely love the fall season. I find there are many subjects to photograph–more than I have time to capture! Recently, in the last three to four weeks I have photographed the following:

Baseball Games
Pennsylvania Elk
Whitetail Deer
Backyard Birds

I also have plans to hopefully photograph these upcoming subjects:

Fall Colors
Family Holidays
More Wildlife
Snowy Scenes
Christmas Lights

What are you photographing? Can you find some time to get out with your camera sometime soon?

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  1. You have a wonderful blog. Very nice elk photos!
    Right now, I like to photograph eagles and herons at the river. Coming up, I look forward to my trip to Benezette, PA…..then I’ll be in search of my favorite subject Fred Jr..

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