Photography Networking

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and other online networking communities are beginning to get a strong following. There’s something pretty cool about being able to connect with people who share common interests as well as those we haven’t seen in years. I am often amazed how technology makes it easier to connect with people. I remember when email was just starting. Some people said it was just a fad that would soon fade away. Others thought it was ridiculous to think that people would even try to communicate so often without face-to-face contact. And now most of the modern world takes email for granted.

Networking has become easier and more effective with all the technology we have at hand these days. Cell phones, computers, PDAs, email and more allow us to connect with people literally around the world. At first this can seem a little overwhelming or even intimidating. But the more we use the technology and see the advantages they offer the more we realize their value. We can reach out and connect with others through the use of this new technology.

Networking is about more than just computers and technology. Connections, human connections, are important, too, and have been since the beginning of time. So who do you connect with? What circles and groups do you associate with?

One of the things I enjoy about photography is the connections with others. Think about it. Fellow photographers, subjects, associates, and colleagues come into our lives because of a common interest. The way we see the world is unique and yet we have so many common connections and good relationships thanks to photography. I hope you agree that networking is truly a wonderful gift for all of us!

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