Photography Dreams

What are your photography dreams?

Do you have a special place you dream about photographing? Is there an event or sporting activity that is your goal to shoot someday? Do you dream of capturing a photo of some famous person? What are your photography dreams?

My one dream (and, yeah, I have many dreams) is to be in the photographer’s pit at a professional baseball game. I would like nothing more than to capture the action of a major league game and also literally rub elbows with other sports photographers in that kind of venue.

The problem with many of us is that dreams just remain dreams and rarely ever become a reality. We dream big but that’s all we do—dream.

No matter your dream, whether it is photography based or any other kind, you have to take steps to make it a reality. You cannot just dream of something. Rather, you have to see it in your mind’s eye, visualize it, and then determine how you can progress step by step to live the dream.

My favorite movie of all time is Field of Dreams. Ray has a strange dream that everyone else thinks is ridiculous and silly. I find it similar in many ways to what Noah must have gone through as he was building an ark on dry land. This just doesn’t make sense! But the dream drives Ray to plow under his corn crop and build a baseball diamond in the middle of his fields. It takes determination and time, step by step planning, and patience; but Ray’s dream is finally realized in a big way. It turns out that he slightly misinterpreted the dream. He thought that “build it and he will come,” meant that if he built the field then Shoeless Joe Jackson would come to play on it. This did happen, but what the dream really meant was that if he built the field, then his dad would come to play on it and give Ray a unique opportunity to have a catch with his dad.

Not all of our dreams are going to come true. Usually, however, these dreams don’t come true because we never move beyond the dreaming stage. Action is required.

What are you doing to make your dreams come true?

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