Nuggets from the Past

I always try to process photographs as soon after an outing as possible. This way I can keep details fresh in my memory, add appropriate keywords right from the start, and pick the keepers that I want to use on my blog, Google+, my website, or to print. Sooner rather than later is the motto I strive to uphold. Usually it works well. occasionally, I have to process photos at a later time.

Sometimes, however, I go back to a previous photo shoot and find an image that I either missed the first time through or figured I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to use. Such was the case last night. I went through some old Pennsylvania elk photographs from last fall and came across this nursing calf. The pose struck me, but the background also caught my attention. I had to crop out a twig that got in the way of my shooting lane, but the image above I thought was usable at least on some level.

What do you think?

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One Response to Nuggets from the Past

  1. Willard says:

    I like the backgrounds like that. I have got a few shots like that, especially just above where Buckwheat stays during the rut. I have a few shots of Fred there, but the light isn’t the best-but still with the background and all I did go ahead and use them.

    Also in reference to you comment about “Act of Valor”, that is interesting to know. I talked to the Wild Horizons cameraman in 2010 and he said that they used several Canon 5D MkII cameras to make a segment, which they filmed in Florida, but I don’t recall what it was about. He like the “filmic” look of the cameras as he called it. He said while they weren’t sharp as the XL-H1, he thought the H1 looked too realistic, while the dslr gave a more artistic, emotional image.

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