Non-action Sports Images Help Tell the Story Too!

Coppin v. NavySports photography is made up of more than just action shots. We all try to capture the peak action shots for sure, but there are also other significant photos which help to tell the game story. The above photo, for example, shows the relaxed and maybe even fun-loving nature of a batter on deck.

Coppin v. Navy

This shot was captured between the games of a doubleheader as the player is finding ways to patiently wait for the second game to begin.

Coppin v. Navy

The back of a player waiting on deck with just a slight profile of his face probably will not be published, but it still helps to tell the story of the game.

Coppin v. Navy


Coaches talking to players before an inning is another potentially captivating image. You can see the intense listening from some of the players and the urgency in the coach’s face. The old quote is: “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” Don’t just aim for the action shots, capture a wider perspective of each game story!




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