My New Blind

Motivated by hearing Buchwheat talking about and showing his photographs that he took from his blind, I decided to make my own. So last night, I went to Lowes to purchase some PVC pipe. Today I assembled a basic structure out of this PVC pipe. I cut the pipes to length and then glued some but not all of the connections. After all, my goal was to make this blind somewhat portable.

Previously I had found some very nice camouflage material, which my son and I were able to secure around the PVC structure.I put my tripod and archer’s chair in the blind and waited. It didn’t take long for the action to pick up. I positioned the blind so I have a good view of birds coming and going from our bird feeder. I snapped a few photos of the birds, and then I saw two deer!

We still have a little work to do on the blind, including attaching the corrugated roof. But overall I am very pleased with the results and it sure seems to work well. What do you think of this photo, which was taken from my new blind?

Alert Doe from Blind

In upcoming posts I will share more photos taken today–the first day in my new blind. I will also share some photos of the blind and describe in more detail how I constructed it.

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