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I’ve been posting to this blog for over a year now. WordPress has made blogging very easy for me and I enjoy sharing photographic insights with others. It’s a cool way to connect with others and create dialogue with fellow photographers. It also allows customers and those interested in my photography to stay updated.

This week I also began to Twitter more frequently. I had a Twitter account for some time but did not fully see the potential of this powerful social medium. Now I am posting a daily tweet including a PhotoTip. You can follow me on Twitter to see a new photo tip each day.

I also have a Facebook page that replicates each day’s blog post and displays some photos and upcoming events.

Last but not least, I have a Flickr page that displays some of my photo galleries and the photos from the Photo Walk I led.

The great thing about these social media outlets is that followers can see my photography from their favorite venue. If they prefer Facebook, I am there. If they like Twitter, I am there, too. It is a great way to stay in touch with fellow photographers and share my passion for photography!

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